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п»їPurpose for 2013: Light the spark of your relationship |
Purpose for 2013: Light the spark of your relationship. 2013 has arrived, and with it, new purposes that we all intend to fulfill throughout the year. If you have decided to quit smoking or go to the gym, why don't you think about giving your relationship the touch it has been losing over the past year? You can propose that during these next 12 months the spark that you had lost over time will burn again, and so you will have another reason to smile in these difficult times. There are many methods by which you can choose to surprise your boy practically every day; Take note and you will surely not regret it.
With the passage of time, we all know that relationships suffer a progressive loss of passion from the beginning, and we can unexpectedly fall into the routine, something that at certain times is intolerable.
If you feel identified, you can include among your most common purposes for this new 2013 that of trying to recover the flame that you had during the first years, you will surprise your boy and both of you will have a smile on your face from January to December, since it will affect very positively to your daily mood.
Take note of some strategies to ignite the spark of love again, and you will blow your mind.
You can surprise him when he least expects it, whether in the gym, at work or anywhere, with a pretty high-pitched message. Check out the strategies to seduce your boy via SMS and he won't know how to react.
Surprise him while he is talking at home with his boss on the phone for example, and starts kissing him in unexpected places, or caressing him, a tension will be created that he will later resolve with you.
Leave him stunned with some sensual ensemble before going to sleep, and why not, play music and do some kind of provocative dance from time to time. You can learn some easy steps on the Internet, or even go to classes about it.
When you are in a family reunion, try it under the table without anyone knowing, or agree between the two some gesture that means you have to leave the place to be both in privacy.
Add some kind of toy like wives to your relationships, or sell your eyes on occasion, the sensations will be totally different from normal.
You can also read a book that provokes you out loud, Fifty Shades of Gray style or similar. When you listen, you cannot resist.
These are some ideas for you to put a little more spark to your relationship this new year, but surely you can think of many others that will make your relationship renewed. You know, this 2013 it's time to enjoy!

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п»їHair trends 2015: rainbow roots, colored roots |
A new hair trend 2015 that we must add to the list of "trend alerts". They are the rainbow boots, that is, the colored roots, which inspire all the colors of the rainbow, do you want to see it?
This particular technique of hair coloring is not a novelty with all the letters: there are already several seasons that some beauty salons and hairdressers risk suggesting these various shades, as well as the most unusual colorations and also the models that go up to the catwalks have served as a vehicle of this trend. But the real innovation is that, on this occasion, it is the roots that fill with color, to leave the rest of the hair a more basic color.
A new way to cover the roots? Maybe. What is true is that rainbow boots are driving crazy on social networks, especially on Instagram. Check out the photo gallery that we bring to know more about this trend and get ideas if you want to give this particular touch to your hair.
All colors, including the most eccentric and striking, are the order of the day in what has to do with the world of hair. It is demonstrated with the Galaxy hair trend, which reproduces in the tufts all the tones of the galaxy, and now it is confirmed even more with the popularization on the social networks of the new trend, that called rainbow boots.
What is it about? The hair roots (exclusively them, or at most a little more hair) are discolored and then dyed any of the colors of the rainbow. The result is most striking and seems to stand out even more in the lighter hair, such as with the look of Lottie Tomlinson, the sister of the member of One Direction, Louis. He recently rose to fame for his original style and because, at the hand of the Beach London lounge he has experimented with rainbow boots, making them famous by hitting a selfie on Instagram.
This new color technique is useful for any woman and can also be taken temporarily, for a party or a special evening, using hair chalks, which are removed with a wash.
A less eccentric variant is the one that presents roots but of a single color, seen on the catwalks of last year during the Paris Fashion Week, during the parades of the most fashion designers Maxime Simoens, of the most followed by lovers of the world of beauty. Blue, green, pink, orange or fuchsia are the shades chosen by which they point to this trend, which can be used separately or together.
After the tendency of the dip dye, with the tips of colors, it is now the roots, always at the center of attention for their growth, the protagonists of this trend.
Check out the photo gallery and discover thousands of ideas to copy if you want to point to the rainbow boots trend.

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п»їRare jeans: The most extravagant on the web |
Are we talking about weird jeans? We show you the most extravagant jeans that are being seen on the web these days. Impossible transparencies, zippers in unusual places, low XXXL ... In the photo gallery you can see all the models and if you continue reading you will discover more about the craziest trend of the moment.
Rare Fashion Jeans
He has done it again, Vetements, this time in collaboration with Levi's, has created jeans that undoubtedly take the classification of rare; they have a zipper on the back; Yes, you heard correctly, and if you are going to wear them, you should know that the zipper works perfectly to let you see where you want. But these are not the only impossible jeans on the web and in social networks. We can say then that Vetements has kicked off the fashion for the rare jeans, or could it be Revolve with its broken jeans on the back? Or was Topshop with its models with plastic to cover some huge broken? Or was it Pull & Bear with jeans skirt pants? Whoever it is, the case is that social networks and street style are filled with more than extravagant pieces.
We have seen the latest in weird jeans recently on the catwalk. We leave the comments to yourself:
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#VETEMENTSxLEVIS @ mytheresa.com @kevingiacco
A post shared by VETEMENTS (@vetements_official) on Apr 12, 2017 at 4:08 am PDT
There are those who choose to wear jeans with zipper on the back, the most daring of course, and there are those who dare to wear tears at the buttocks; It is clear that it is about teaching to some extent to reveal sensuality in its purest form. There are models that are well received as those of the low turned in XXXL formaro, those of asymmetrical frayed bass and those that mix several tones in the same piece; and there are others that it seems difficult to adapt, such as the models with maxi breaks and plastic included that TopsShop proposes.
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We're pretty strong advocates for ankle decoration вњ”пёЏ # TopshopStyle Click the link in the bio to shop the style or search "Kute ballet pumps" and "Clear panel mom jeans" at Topshop.com.
A post shared by Topshop (@topshop) on Mar 12, 2017 at 9:47 am PDT
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PamiД™tacie jeansy @topshop z plastikowymi okienkami na kolanach? Marka postanowiЕ‚a juejЕ›Д‡ tym tropem dalej. Co sД…dzicie?         
A post shared by glamourpoland (@glamourpoland) on Apr 25, 2017 at 2:07 am PDT
And what about the jeans with opening at the side or in the middle? And not a mini opening, but quite the opposite. The jeans once again set aside the functionality to enter the most avant-garde and youth fashion.
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@ mytheresa.com @hypebae @jules_xv
A post shared by VETEMENTS (@vetements_official) on Apr 8, 2017 at 11:15 pm PDT
Long jeans that become shorts? Yes please. A model that comes from the firm Y / Project, which aims to have two models in one; The brand proposes a pair of detachable jeans that have buttons that hold the bottom of them to the top. Remove the bottom half and keep some modern shorts where they exist. Perfect for the days when it is cool in the morning and then the sun can be seen in all its splendor.
And / Project sells these others which difficult explanation they have. Buttons, high waist, suspenders, deconstructed ... Judge for yourself.
It should also be noted in this category of rare jeans, those of Topshop with tulle skirt above, those dropped at the waist to say enough and those with more than a thousand patches making a geometry worthy of a picture. Which one will you keep?
You may also be interested in: Fashion jeans and how to combine them [PHOTOS] and Denim fashion: Cowboy party look [PHOTOS]

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