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標題: [公告] How to create a new topic at ?? [打印本頁]

作者: Serzetq    時間: 2023-11-26 20:33     標題: How to create a new topic at ??

Are there any of the moderators?  
I can't write to the topic.
Yours faithfully.
作者: Julihlx    時間: 2023-11-26 20:41     標題: Where is Administration ??

Can I contact admin??
It is about advertisement on your website.
作者: Davidadn    時間: 2023-11-27 17:44     標題: BUSINESS PROPOSAL TO ADMINISTRATOR

Good day  .
I found your forum very attractive and promising.
I want  buy  advertising space for a banner in the  top of the site, for $ 1400 per month.
Pay  I will be through WebMoney, 50% immediately, and 50% in 2 weeks. And yet, the address of  my portal - will it not contradict the topic? Thank you!
Send a letter about your decision to me in the PM or to the mail

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