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標題: Egypt’s Messi lookalike 'becomes celebrity' [打印本頁]

作者: melada9889    時間: 2021-3-25 12:04     標題: Egypt’s Messi lookalike 'becomes celebrity'

Egypt’s Messi lookalike 'becomes celebrity'

An Egyptian painter has slotxo reportedly found an unlikely fan base in the North African
nation - Barcelona football supporters, especially those who love star player Lionel

This is because 27-year-old Islam Mohammed Ibrahim Battah looks remarkably like
the 33-year-old Argentine forward, considered the best footballer in the world.

"When I started growing my beard, my friends told me that I look like Messi.
When I grew my beard even more, the resemblance was clearer," he told the Reuters news

On a visit to an orphanage in Zagazig, a city about 90km (55 miles) north of the capital,
Cairo, the children were delighted, the agency reports.

Wearing a Barcelona shirt, Battah played football with the children at a local training
facility, Reuters says.

"The kids' happiness with the resemblance between me and Messi is indescribable,"
he is quoted as saying.

"When you make someone happy, God rewards you. I wanted to share this happiness
with them."

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