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標題: [規劃] Ghana election: Fact-checking claims about voting day [打印本頁]

作者: melada9889    時間: 2020-12-9 17:06     標題: Ghana election: Fact-checking claims about voting day

Ghana election: Fact-checking claims about voting day

Voters in Ghana have gone to the polls to choose a new president and 275 members of parliament.

The country is regarded as one of the most democratic in West Africa.

But there have been some examples of misinformation about the voting.

Were ballots printed to favour the president?
A video has been circulating on social media channels that purports to show a ballot with a larger fingerprint box for President Nana

The video - which is just over three minutes long - claims the ballot paper has been produced in such a way that votes for opposition
candidates will be discounted because the blank boxes, where the thumb impression goes, are too small.

The footage shows an individual making this claim, and placing his finger in the box of an opposition candidate to show
it won't fit within the space.

This claim was first highlighted by West African fact-checking site Dubawa.

However, the ballot featured in the video is missing some of the features that appear on official ballots, such as a red background
behind all the images and an official stamp.

Police training videos are not real incidents
Some users have shared videos online, which they say are examples of polling day incidents where there's been police or security
force involvement.

On examination, these are actually taken from police training or simulation exercises in preparation for the vote, and not from
polling day itself.

One example is a video said to show the police shooting someone who had allegedly snatched a ballot box at a polling station
in southern Ghana.

Did the army 'storm' one constituency?
A Facebook post on 5 December by a TV station called Hijrah TV News Ghana talked of security forces "storming" one area - Asawasi -
in Kumasi district in southern Ghana and issuing warnings to local people.

The Facebook post is tagged #AsawasiConstituencyTensions, and carries a Hausa-language report.

The fact-checking service, Fact-Check Ghana, said this post should be disregarded for talking about the military having "stormed"
the area.

Read the full news here. : SLOT

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