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History of the Playing Cards Game Worldwide

While the bridge that must be played by 4 people – usually in pairs – has even become one of the mainstay numbers for Indonesian teams in the world of sports to win in an international bridge tournament TogelCC.
As we know it today, a pack of 52 playing cards contains. Playing cards are divided into 4 suits or types of cards, namely:

♠ Spade or shovel (also called “waru”)
♥ Heart
♦ Diamonds or diamonds (also called “diamonds”)
♣ Club or curly
Each consists of 13 cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace / Ace) plus two black and red Joker cards, usually a rare Joker card used in the game.

When and who is the inventor of playing cards is not known with certainty. It is suspected that the embryo originated from mainland China or Hindustan (India) around the year 800. How did the story get into Europe was rather vague. Maybe brought by merchants, soldiers or nomadic tribes. What is clear, this type of card game – whether coming from the East, Egypt, or Arabic – appeared in Italy sometime in the late 1200s. After that it spread to Germany, France and Spain. Some historians suspect, the card game was the result of evolution from a kind of chess game played by shepherds in West Asia. While shepherding, they play chess using gravel. Other experts argue, the card game is an evolution of a kind of ceremony to communicate with the gods. Four sticks or arrows marked with four different symbols are thrown onto the altar. Which staff fell, that was what the priest interpreted as the divine command.
The first card in Europe (Italy) is called the Tarot Card (tarrochi) or a fate tablet because of its shape like a tablet, and is used among other things to predict fortune. The oldest tarot originated in 1470 in Lombardy. One set consists of 50 cards, divided into 5 groups of 10 cards each. On its surface are the themes of allegory or mythology about various aspects of life such as science, art, planets, etc.
Tarot continues to evolve. Venetia Tarot numbers 78 cards, including a card – his name is il matto (the fool) – which is allegedly the forerunner of modern joker.
In the past the card game was enjoyed by the bourgeoisie or the aristocracy because it was expensive because it was still handmade and the picture was painted. After the printing system with wood was found, the card reached the public at large. Production increased after the discovery of printing techniques with copper plates JayaTogel.

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